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Mad2Perform works alongside schools and nurseries.

We have three packages to choose from:
Extra curricular clubs package

Do you struggle to involve and engage your least active pupils? Would you like to boost your pupils confidence and self-esteem? Would you like to receive a professional and reliable service?

Are you looking for new activities to introduce to your extra curricular provision?
Here’s why our extra curricular package is an effective solution for your school.

  1. Pupils will be able to confidently try out new moves and showcase the key skills they have learnt.
  2. Large groups of pupils from KS1 and KS2 will be able to experience and enjoy dance and drama either before school (breakfast clubs), at lunchtime or after school.

Styles include: Dance Fitness, Street Dance, Contemporary Dance, Musical Theatre, Drama and much more…

Curricular dance or drama lessons package

Are you looking for a specialist dance or drama teacher to engage both boys and girls across the primary school age? Do your class teachers lack knowledge or struggle with subject knowledge when teaching curriculum dance? Does your PE curriculum need bit more variety? Perhaps you would like to freshen things up and keep them current?

Are you struggling to fit dance or drama lessons into the school timetable?
Here’s why our curricular dance or drama lessons package is an effective solution for your school.

  1. Provide your pupils with high quality dance and performing arts lessons across the primary school age range, linked to the Primary PE Curriculum.
  2. Upskill class teachers so they love learning how to teach dance or drama and feel confident doing so.
  3. Receive 30-45 minute express, cross-curricular dance lessons for each class and year group.

Curricular lessons available include: Street Dance, Contemporary, Creative Dance (linked to class topics), Musical Theatre, Drama, Creative Movement and more…

Curricular dance or drama lessons and extra curricular clubs package

Are you looking to increase participation in PE and school sports through dance? Are you looking to introduce a new activity to your school’s extra curricular provision (breakfast, lunchtime and after school club)? Do you need to upskill your class teachers to learn to teach dance or drama with confidence?

Do you want to engage a range of learners (including EYFS, KS1, KS2, gifted and talented, boys and girls, your least active pupils etc.) through dance and drama?
Here’s why curricular dance or drama lessons and extra curricular clubs complete package is an effective solution for your school.

  1. Save time, money and effort dealing with one specialist dance and drama provider for extra curricular and curricular dance and drama provision for a professional and reliable service.
  2. Add a variety to your existing PE and school sports provision to engage more pupils, building up their key skills and confidence.
  3. Get the whole school, including teachers and pupils excited and confident about dance and drama for school assemblies, productions or local festivals.

Dance and drama styles available for clubs and curricular lessons include: Street Dance, Contemporary Dance, Musical Theatre, Drama, Jazz Dance, Creative movement, topic related dance and much more…

Sophia was a hit at school right from the start. The girls really enjoyed her sessions and developed confidence not just in dance but throughout school. Proof of the success was the excitement of the children before a session and the discussions of what they had learnt after.
Phillip EvansHazel Leys Academy
Sophia has been teaching Street Dance in Key Stage 2 for over a year now and it has been one of our more popular clubs. Not only is it ‘cool’, but it has also encouraged those pupils to get active who don’t always enjoy PE lessons. She has built good relationships with pupils and parents alike. Thanks Sophia, for giving the children of Kingswood this opportunity.
Nadria RahmanKingswood Primary Academy
Sophia has been teaching Street Dance at Danesholme Infants for nearly four months now. This after school club is always over subscribed and the children thoroughly enjoy all the routines she teaches them. At the end of each course the parents are invited In to watch a performance and they are amazed by their children's new skills. Looking forward to seeing the next group of children be inspired by Sophia's enthusiasm and skills.
Carol MayPrincipal, Danesholme Infants Academy
The children absolutely love the dance sessions that Sophia delivers during lunchtimes. These sessions are open to all pupils which is great as they are all active and they can choose to participate for as long as they would like to. Sophia has a warm, nurturing personality. It is clear to see how popular the sessions are as soon as you walk onto the playground!
Tracy Sheridan Inclusion Leader & Teacher, Corby Primary Academy

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